Westfall & Kitson is a new trade-only wallpaper label created by Andi Kubacki and Josh Young, who are best known for co-founding of The Detroit Wallpaper Co. Westfall & Kitson is the namesake of Kubacki and Young’s Mothers’ maiden names. The duo takes inspiration from their Moms’ shared sense of work ethic, integrity, and love for art, which they instilled into their sons from an early age.

After pioneering the tech-heavy art of customizable wallpaper in a real-time online format with The Detroit Wallpaper Co., Westfall & Kitson represents a return to basics, with patterns derived from handmade art, such as paper marbling techniques including Suminagashi from Japan, and Ebru from Turkey. Watercolor painting and oil pastel pointillism also provide foundations for numerous patterns.

Young and Kubacki are also, in the parlance of our times, fanboys of science. Natural phenomena such as Lichtenberg figures, which are branch-like electrical discharge burn patterns, are used as inspiration. Cosmology and planetary science also fascinate the partners, who used imagery from the Hubble telescope as the basis for a speckled design where distant galaxies are the pattern elements.

Rounding out the design inspiration is clouds and smoke, which create soft, ethereal looks, ranging from moody to barely perceptible patterns.

The patterns are offered on paper with a matte finish, or paper weave with a chunky texture, in multiple colorways.